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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just relax and be healthy

Today my body still in the same stage where I didn't hungry all the time. Wake up around 10 o'clock in the morning. Take some weather photo using instaweather app in my android tablet. It shows today weather and temperature. Wow, going to be a hot cloudy day then.

Worried about the sudden change in my body, I called my mom. We chatted about 20 minutes about everything that happen to me. Had some fun chatting and some laugh too. My mom said I'm too sensitive. Maybe my body already can accept there is a baby inside and the hormone just went back to normal again. She asked me to relax and eat more. Although I am not hungry as often but the embro inside still need a lot of nutrition from mother's body.

Today, I eat as usual just like before I am pregnant. But still I can't eat much. Still not good at eating chicken. I still feel uncomfortable the smell of chicken. It is so weird and so unpleasent for me. I had steam sweet and sour fish with rice for lunch and lotus peanut sup with rice as dinner. I made myself some pudding also. Pudding in honeydew flavor.

I guess, I still have some symptoms of pregnancy left in my body. Now it is 9:30pm and I feel a bit tired as I didn't have any evening nap today. Well, signoff for some rest.

Thanks to whoever drop by or pass by. God bless your day. Aminn...




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