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Sunday, October 12, 2014

CPUV Please Glue Hard On My Blog!!

Hello and how are you all readers!!

Today entering the second week of October and I was wondering whether my CPUV Campaign in September ended already. I checked my Nuffnang account and guess what? Nuffnang Is So GENEROUS!!! I got a roll of CPUV ad stick on my list. Some more my September campaigns are still on going. Wow, I feel so blessed!!

Once again I would like to thank Nuffnang for believing me in carrying their advertisement in my blog.

I was like WOW! SO MANY!
Still, be thankful and keep on blogging.

Just now when I was viewing my blog, The Proton campaign is on going in my blog. Well, my dear reader friends, please do get interested about Proton. Heard that Proton IRIZ is a very economic and  car. It worth a test drive if you are near Proton Outlet. There are 7 glamorous colours to choose from. Price ranging from RM42k to RM62k. Want to read more? Click on the Proton IRIZ ad banner at my sidebar, at the top or at the bottom of this post. Or you just simply click on this link : The new Proton IRIZ to visit the webside.

Ok, that's my excitement and highlight of the day. My eyes still popping out and can't believe it there are 14 on going campaigns in the list. I really should blog more often.

Now, I have to go. See you again in next post about Sunday Doodle!!
Stay tune!




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