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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nuffnang Glitterati Member Cash Out RM 487.27 for this month

Hello all, finally I’m proudly said that I’m back to become a Nuffnang Glitterati Member. Weehu..*party party*

It was been a while I didn’t login Nuffnang to see my earning process, as it always stay in the same pity amount. Past few days, I visited Singing Coconut and she had something that pokes me in the eyes.RM 487.27 from Nuffnang .I decided to login my Nuffnang account and take a look. Everytime I login, I do notice my membership status: Glitterati .Yesterday when I login, my membership was not longer glitterati but Ordinary. Well, I didn’t bother me much until when I wanted to login Innit. I login several times but fail.

“OMG, I forget my password?”

“No, I didn’t change my password to other password. I always have to same password for almost all account.” (hacker don’t aim on me)

“Try again..Don’t give up”


Innit blocked me? Why? Then I read properly this time. What? Innit asked me to check my glitterati membership status. Har??? Out of the blue I was blocked. It was sad and frustrated. So, I get back to Nuffnang homepage and try to figure out how I can rebuild my status. Read about why we should become a Nuffnang glitterati member, and I summarized it at below:

1. Extra money of course. Payment rate for glitterati member are both Cost Per Unique and Cost-Per-Click. Glitterati Nuffnangers will earn 20 - 40% more than ordinary Nuffnangers.

2. Glitterati Nuffnanger get more advertorial opportunities.

3. There are community event waiting for us to join. That’ll be a lot of fun interacting with blogger from everywhere.

4. Contests are waiting for us too. Prizes to be win from free meals at Friday’s to mobile phones to free trip. Who can resist the temptation of all those?

5. Welcome to Innit then. 

Therefore, there are terms and conditions to become a qualified Glitterati Nuffnanger. Hmm, I’m not going to copy or summarize it here. Please click here to go to Nuffnang site for better understanding. 

So, I fixed my blog until it met Nuffnang terms and condition. That night, I tweeted about this and hag-tag Nuffnang. The next morning when I check my Nuffnang account, I am a Glitterati Nuffnang back. I'm impress!Nuffnang work so fast!

But, to being able to cash out such an amount still very far for me. Anyhow, earning money from blogging is not my main purpose of blogging. So, let me huhahuha away..Best wishes to all bloggers and congrats to Singing Coconut a.k.a Nath for the earning. Nath, spend me some coconut please..(^o^)v


Anonymous said...

hye2!!! so interesting blog.. wait.. from miri??? me too.. nice to meet ya.. aww~ >.<!!
and ganbatte for blogging.. :)

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

Hi Rushi,nice to meet you too..^^
I only go to Miri when weekend, I stay near Batu Niah..

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate what you post. You have a new subscriber now.

Nath said...

I want to pass you some coconut this raya but no ad from Nuffnang >.<



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