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Monday, April 2, 2012

School Performance

Hello everyone, today I just been put on a great responsibility on preparing a performance for upcoming event.  I will have to come up with some modern dances and traditional dances. The performers will be my Year 6 students. Oh gosh, I never really taught dancing before!
Hush! Don't be a cry baby and try to plan the dance steps will solve the problems. No doubt, I will ask for help from anybody who willing to lend me a hand

Recalling my memories, I was a performer back in the school days. Our teacher was very fierce; she will make sure everyone of the dancing team memorizes the dance steps well. With the cane in her hand, we had no choice and had to minimize our mistakes. But, she had produced a good dance team with very little mistakes.

*Snap snap*
Back to future..err..I mean now. What am I going to do with my 5 boys and 5 girls team? And I only left 10 days to produce any performance. Is there enough time for training a dancing team? Or, I should train some academic performance such as choir or choral speaking? Make it simple and make it short, but make it with attractive props and background.

Night fall and I had to take some time to look for some source from the Internet. Wish me luck, and I really need that. A million thanks and muaks for all who wishes me. I wish you all have a very good day ahead with a lots of luck around you.  (^.^)V

ps: Up there I attach the picture of my Year 6 back in 2011, they looked so cute compare to now.Haha.. 




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