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I am quiet
I am talkative
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I care about how others feel
I care about what i am looking for
I care about how others think of me

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ms Brain With The Scramble Mind

Ms Brain
When your mind were scrambled up like a dish of scrambled eggs, you can not think straight, you can not act right, you even can not speak fluently like usual. All in your mind will be the unsolved problems. it keeps spinning and spinning around your head and ringing beside your ears.

When that happen, your brain started to stop thinking about other things. The brain will tell you to ignore your hunger and make you lose your appetite, ignore your tiredness and you will have insomnia. The brain shut itself up to think of the way to solve the problems. Your eyes lose it focus point, your ears seem to hear nothing at all, and your hand will automatically support your heavy head on the desk. This will continue happen until your brain finally think upan ideal way to solve the problems

At the time, an extra help from another brain will be very helpful where that other brain is functioning well.

Oh, Ms Brain, I think you have a scramble mind now.

p.s: To the other brains, which of you can understand and help this brain?




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