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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Ready For Performance - Sepuluh Budak Hitam

Hello everyone.

It is raining tonight, it is kinda cold out there and my bed keeps calling me to roll on it. Before that, I better finish my post. In my previous post, I talked about my preparation for school performance.  This Friday, my school will held a ceremony for "Caring Teacher" - Majlis Guru Penyayang. I was given the task of preparing a performance for that event. As a class teacher for Year 6 as well, I need to prepare them for coming Motivation Camp Performance also. After a few days of collecting ideas and example. Now, I am ready to go on stage.

With 10 boys and 10 girls, I took the idea of Ten Little Indian and Sepuluh Budak Hitam. I made a choral speaking team. Experiences of making a choral speaking team? Yes. I trained a 25 pupils team, back in year 2007 when I was in SK Aminudin Baki for practical training.

If you google for Sepuluh Budak Hitam's lyric, you will find it a bit violence for children. Therefore, I recompose the lyric and make it suitable and adapt to the ceremony. I feel I wanna share it because I'm kinda proud of it.

Here the new choral for my Year 6 students:

10 Budak Nakal

10 budak nakal, main di dalam kelas,
1 langgar pintu, dah tinggal lah 9.

9 budak nakal, main di luar kelas,
1 jatuh tergolek, dah tinggal lah 8.

8 budak nakal, main di dalam dewan,
1 tergelincir jauh, dah tinggal lah 7.

7 budak nakal, main di padang sekolah,
1 terpijak paku, dah tinggal lah 6.

6 budak nakal, main kejar-kejar,
1 terseliuh kaki, dah tinggal lah 5.

5 budak nakal, main di tepi sungai,
1 terjatuh sungai, dah tinggal lah 4.

4 budak nakal, main di gelanggang,
1 haus kepenatan, dah tinggal lah 3.

3 budak nakal, main di dalam perpustakaan,
1 dihempap buku, dah tinggal lah 2.

2 budak nakal, main di dalam tandas,
1 jatuh ke lubang, dah tinggal lah 1.

1 budak nakal, main di pejabat guru,
dimarah oleh cikgu, SEMUA BALIK KELAS.

10 budak nakal, duduk di dalam kelas,
tunggu cikgu masuk, dalam hati gelisah.

10 budak nakal, mula menangis-nangis,
mana tau cikgu, tangan bawa rotan.

Cikgu masuk kelas, dibawanya nasihat,
belajar sungguh-sungguh, jangan hampakan ibubapa.

10 budak nakal, mula insaf diri,
terima kasih banyak, semua guru penyayang.

There!Of course there are action after each sentence. But, I just don't know how to type it in there. So, any teachers who accidentally found this blog, you are welcome to make this choral as one of your choral speaking script collection.

It start to rain cats and dogs out there. Can't wait to snuggle in my cozy warm bed. See you..Tata.




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