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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Another Number

Number? What number? Nah.. Just another number that tell your age.. It look like age doesn't matter me right? Haha,but yet, it remind me that I'm getting older and not younger. When we were a kid, we love birthday very much. No matter is our own birtday or our friend's birthday. We'll get cakes, some great sweet and candies and having great fun playing with friends after school. Presents are extra if that was own birthday. But when we get older, those things are not interesting anymore. Birthday is just another number and a friendly reminder.

My point of view, birthday represents 1 year had passed and I have to look back and see what did I achieved for the last whole year. Did I achieve what I wished for last birthday? Did i manage to become a better self? Hmm..only God know. Anyway, I just had my birthday on the pass Thursday. I celebrated my birthday by having a romantic candle light high tea with my dear in Secret Receipe. I love the cakes very much. I picked myself a slide of Chocolate Fudge! The chocolate is so sweet that I almost melt! Oh! Thinking of it make me mouth watering!  

This year birthday, I get the biggest birthday present that I ever had. I got a Sumsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as my birthday present from my deary. Oh! I'm so happy. I've being looking at the Ipad2 and galaxy tab for long. At last, I get a tablet! What can I say other than thank you very much my deary deary..muak! Love you much!!:-)

 So, happy birthday for me!!
 I'm really happy!!
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jamiey writes said...

happy birthday~~~ may you have many sweet loving years ahead :D

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

Thanks a lot Jamiey..^^

ken said...

happy belated birthday :)

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

Thanks Ken..^^



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