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Saturday, January 3, 2015

WhoHAA Free Redeem Point Giveaway #Day3

Assalammualaikum and hello to all my readers. How's your new year celebration so far? I don't really celebrate this year as I give my respect to the flood victims in all the states in Malaysia that encounter the horrible flood. Can you imagine if you are one of the victim and people who are safe from flood happily celebrate new year with parties and fireworks? That is kinda cruel. So, I stay at home with my baby and didn't involve in any kind of parties or celebration. I just pray for the flood victims.

But, life have to go on. 2015 is here. Thereby, WhoHAA is giving away free point in this month. And, I got it already!! I'm so excited that I feel like to share it with everyone.

First, I just wanna briefy introduce what is WhoHAA to you. Long story short, WhoHAA is a advertising platform that allow customer to view the ad, answer a simple question regarding the ad and then earn some points. The collected points can use to redeem some vouchers or item.

Register as WhoHAA member here!!

The free point code for today is..

So,faster head to WhoHAA now!!

See ya there,bye.




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