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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cbox Rules

Assalammualaikum and hello to all my readers.

Today I want to talk about my Cbox again. Again? Ya, remember my post Dear Cbox Spammer in 2012. I was so not happy and I made a post about it. Well, today mood is not so bad actually, but just wanna have a fair share with all of the cbox user out there.

First, I wanna thank cbox for providing us(bloggers) free chatting service by putting the app on our blog. I believe most of us use cbox to connect to each other.

I blogwalking using the link that you all left behind. So, automatically if you visit me, I'm sure will visit you back. If you said you had click on my lovely tabung, I will sure visit you back and do the same. But, one thing had make me mad recently. Someone out there is just not honest and try to cheat.

I check on my cbox very often. I just hate people putting their advertisement link in cbox. I'm sure other bloggers who drop by blogwalking will sure click on the name list to continue blogwalking.

PLEASE, Don't put your Advertisement Link in my cbox.

I always check my cbox links. If I found any ad link, I will help the other to delete it. So, be a rational user.





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