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Monday, May 12, 2014

Birthday Goodies Bag

Wow we goodies bag!!

Oh, hi readers. Excuse me for not greeting you first. The goodies bag cover my nose.. Opps..my eyes.

Today I got a Birthday goodies bag. It is from a Birthday Girl in the Math class I teach. Well, I never been to her house or attending any birthday party in the school. But, I just receive the goodies bag from her.

Birthday Goodies Bag

There is a trend in the current school I teach. Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl will bring along several goodies bag to school to give it to her best friends or even their favourite teacher. Guess I'm lucky to be her favourite teacher to receive one of her Birthday Goodies Bag. School kids goodies bag is simply fill with candies and sweets, not fancy adult stuff. Same goes with this goodies bag I received earlier.

Her goodies bag is just a simple plastic bag that fill up with snack, jelly, chocolate and candy. At the front of her goodies bag, a cute owl sticker that written the Birthday Girl's name and her 10th birthday. This is an afford made by her parents, to order a cute sticker with their daughter's name on it.

See how cute it is...

Qistina's 10th Birthday

the goodies inside

People said, sharing is caring. Giveaway goodies bag and put a smile on the other's face to share their birthday joy, this is simply great ideas. And, I think the Birthday Girl is happy too.

Here, the big girl is happy too.

So, see ya next time.
Enjoy your stay.

p.s : If you are giving some goodies bag, please keep one for me? Ok? :p




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