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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"White Rock" - Meringue Cookies

Hello peepers, I'm back this time with something nice to be eaten. It is my favourite cookies. And it is so easy to make it yourself so I did bake a lot of it to ease my sweet teeth. White Rock is the name given by my aunty who always make this cookies during Chinese New Year and give it to my family. Me and my sister just love it very much.

Why White Rock? I also don't know the reason its was given the name "White Rock". Maybe is the out look and the texture of the cookies that gain the name itself. After baked, it will be still milky white in colour,that is how it keep the "white". Egg white after being whis and baked, it will harden and keep it shape in how you shape it before enter the oven. So, it become rock after baked. So, I think that is the second name get to it.

So, here you go and peep on my cookies. They look definately like white rock, just in my case I added some chocolate marbles.

Lovely isn't it?

I made many of it and it only last one week in my house before the whole container goes empty. Everyone was very delight with this sweet candy cookies.

You can get the recipe here.




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